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Haneda International Airport Address: 4-3 Haneda-Kuko, 2-Chome, Ota-Ku, Tokyo 144, Japan

Tel : + 81-03-5757-8111 

Airlines Haneda Airport 
Japan Airlines
Tel: + 81-03-5460-0511

Airport Codes
IATA airport code: HND
ICAO airport code: RJTT   
Ota City, the largest landmass of Tokyo, is located in the southernmost part of Tokyo. Well known for its industries, Ota has lots to offer. From the beaches to the rich history to the parks, you will rarely lack something to view.

Haneda Airport is located in Ota, Tokyo. It is approximately 14 km south of Tokyo Station. It is within the Japanese island of Honshu. The airport is linked to central Tokyo via road, rail and monorail. Located right on the beach, a part of the airport is located on land reclaimed from the sea.

Haneda Airport was built on the bay side of Honshu Island. Haneda Airport came about in 1931 and during this era it was the biggest civilian airport. Due to an influx of passengers there was a need for expansion. The lack of space prompted the need for land to be reclaimed from the ocean to cater for expansion of the airport. By the year 2000, two runways had been completed on the reclaimed land.

The location of the airport is an intersection of several roads and railroads leading to several major towns. This makes it possible for one to easily access various places.  Apart from the regular bus services and taxis, one can get to the centre of Tokyo via rail. The proximity to the centre of Tokyo makes it a short trip. To avoid the hustle of traffic jams, one is advised to use rail transport.

Haneda Airport is also close Kawasaki and Yokohama. It is about 15km from Yokohama and 6km from Kawasaki. Its strategic location enables it to handle majority of the local flights. There is also a rail link from Haneda Airport to Narita Airport thus making it possible to access Narita Airport via train. Narita Airport is roughly 60 km from Haneda Airport.

Haneda Airport is currently being expanded to allow for international flights. This will not only make it the gateway to Tokyo, but to Japan in general.
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