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Haneda International Airport Address: 4-3 Haneda-Kuko, 2-Chome, Ota-Ku, Tokyo 144, Japan

Tel : + 81-03-5757-8111 

Airlines Haneda Airport 
Japan Airlines
Tel: + 81-03-5460-0511

Airport Codes
IATA airport code: HND
ICAO airport code: RJTT   
There are many kinds of taxis in Japan and they have the distinct symbol of a lamp positioned on their tops. You will be able to obtain Haneda airport taxis at the Haneda airport. Taxis offer the most convenient way to get to your final destination as they are more flexible than public transportation.

You can reserve a taxi in advance or you can easily find a Haneda airport taxi outside terminal buildings or at designated taxi ranks. The convenience of taxi travel will allow you to enjoy Tokyo’s scenic views as you move from one destination to another.

The recommended Haneda airport taxi capacity limitations apply and it is advisable to pick a taxi that will fit with your group size. Small and medium Haneda airport taxis have a passenger capacity of 3 while a mini van will carry 6 and a full size van will comfortably carry 8-9 passengers. For those with suitcases, it is recommended that a small size taxi carry 2 passengers.

You should be able to find a taxi anywhere within Tokyo as taxis operate within the 23 special wards that comprise Tokyo. Although the greater Tokyo area is dominated by Japan’s largest hub for rail and ground transportation, taxis offer the most convenient mode of transportation.

For foreign visitors, be sure to reserve your Haneda airport taxi in advance as you may find it difficult to tell your driver where your destination is in Japanese. It is also important to note that some taxi service may require you to foot the cost of highway tolls from the airport.

Be sure to inquire about the various toll charges you may have to foot from the airport to your destination or if the company will cater for the highway toll expenditure. Also be sure to confirm if the charges are paid in advance or once you have reached your destination. Also inquire if they accept credit cards.

Haneda airport taxi travel will otherwise be your preferred mode of transport due to its convenience and flexibility.
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